My aspiration has always been to merge line and color in such a way that does not end in representational imagery but rather opens the door for the poetics of the imagination. My abstractions hover between the need to meticulously render geometric shapes and intuitively express my feelings.
The precision with which my lines are drawn on vertical sheets of paper 80” long and 40” wide engage both my mind and body. I hold my breath as I draw each line and release the breath in order to replenish my nib with ink. My mind rests in a meditative space throughout my process and gains insight into an unconscious world where colors and geometric forms emerge. My drawings aim to represent and communicate the reverberations and energies that are released during these moments of profound solace and quietude.
I use a labor-intensive paper sizing technique from the 1300’s that was used for Tugras and other calligraphic texts during the Ottoman Empire. The process includes egg white, alum and burnishing with a small agate stone resulting in a beautiful sheen whereby the ink sits on top of the paper creating a bit of dimension. I experiment with hand made paper and inks on a continuous basis.