MFA Vermont College
Post-Graduate study, Rhode Island School of Design                            

BFA Rhode Island School of Design
Selected Solo exhibitions

2023.                Over Head and Heels, Chasan Gallery, Providence, RI {two person}

2017-2018       Tayo Heuser: Paper Constructs, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

2016                 Looking In: Looking Out Jamestown Arts Center, Jamestown, RI
2014                 Paper and Flying Objects Roger Williams University, Bristol RI
2011                 Tayo Heuser: Selected Works Cade Tompkins Projects, Providence, RI
2009-2010        Pulse The Phillips Collection, Washington DC
2009                 The Big Blue, Exhibitions Gallery, School of Architecture, Art and Historical

                         Preservation, Roger Williams University, Bristol R.I.
2008                 Tayo Heuser, Reeves Contemporary, NYC, N.Y.
2008                 Circle and Line, CCOA Project Room, Brussels, Belgium
2008                 Tayo Heuser, Sealed Confessions, H29, Brussels, Belgium
2002                 Works on Paper, Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI
1998                 Tayo Heuser Sculpture, Wood Gallery, Montpelier, VT
1997                 Tayo Heuser Sculpture, Wheeler Gallery, Providence, RI (2 person)
 Selected group shows

2024              Networks RI and the Chazan Collection, Waterfire Arts Center, Providence, RI            

                      Mirrors and Windows, Bromfield Gallery, Boston ,MA

2023               Over Head and Ears, Chasan Gallery, Providence, RI          

                       Circles and EllipsesSpace 776, NY, NY

                       Annual AIDS Benefit, Krakow Witkin Gallery, Boston, MA

                       Spell, RISD Alumni Exhibition, Third Sanctum Gallery, Warwick, RI



2022                Highlights from the Joseph Chasen Collection, Providence Art Club, RI

                        Serious Play, Odetta Gallery NY, NY Odetta Digital

                        Annual Aids Benefit,invitational, Krakow Witkin Gallery, Boston MA

                        Winter Exhibition 2022 Spinning Plates,Odetta Digital/Shim Network

 2021               Annual Aids Benefit, Krakow Witkin Gallery, Boston MA              

                       Spacing Out: Expanding the Field of Vision, JAC, Jamestown RI

                       Providence Art Club Invitational, Maxwell Mays Gallery, Providence, RI

                       USPS Art Project: InLiquid, Artist Studio Gallery, Philadelphia

                       Fair Share Auction, Odetta Digital/Shim Art network, NY 

                       Page Turner, Odetta Digital/Shim Art network, NY

                       Dieu Donné Benefit 2020, Artsy

                       Flow, Odetta Digital/Artsy

2020               Celebrating Women Artists In The Phillips Collection, Washington D.C.            

                       Jason Jacques Gallery, Fog Art + Design 2020, San Francisco, CA

                       Re-Opening, Jason Jacques Gallery, NYC,N.Y.

                       Trancendental  Odetta Gallery, NYC, N.Y.

                       Sea Change, Odetta Digital Shim ArtNetwork

                       Annual Aids Benefit, Krakow Witkin Gallery, Boston, MA

                       USPS Art Project, Ely Center of Contemporary Art, New Haven, CT

                       USPS Art Project, Art Gym, Denver, CO

                       USPS Art Project, Sunset Art Studios, Dallas, TX

                       USPS Art Project, In Liquid, Artist Studio Gallery,Philadelphia, PA

2019               Annual Aids Benefit, Krakow Witkin Gallery, Boston MA

                       Fernelmont Contemporary Art, Chateau de Fernemont, Fernelmont, Belgium  

                       Art and Design: A Conversation, YJ Contemporary Art, East Greenwich, RI
                       Buoyancy, World's Fair Gallery, Providence RI
                       Uncover: Altered Books, Paper Nautilus Periphery Space, Providence RI

2018              Annual Aids Benefit, Krakow Witkin Gallery, Boston, MA

                       Art and Design: A Conversation, YJ Contemporary, East Greenwich, RI
2017               Providence X Hudson, Walnut Hill Fine Art, Hudson, NY
                       Perspectives, Bristol Art Museum, Bristol, RI
                       Resist, Van Vessem Gallery, Tiverton, RI
                       Annual Benefit Auction, Dieu Donne, Pace Gallery, NY
                       Annual Aids Benefit, Krakow Witkin Gallery, Boston, MA

2016               Surface Appeal: Media Perception, Deedee Shattuck Gallery, Westport, MA                                                        
                       Fernelmont Contemporary Art, Chateau de Fernelmont, Belgium
                       Annual Benefit, Dieu Donné, NYC
                       Webs and Weaving: Memory and Space, Brooklyn Workshop Gallery, NY
                       Barbara Krakow Gallery Annual Aids Exhibiton 2016, Boston, Mass.

2015               Intersections @ 5, Phillips Collection, Washington D.C.
                       Annual Benefit, Dieu Donné NYC
                       High Fire, Chazan Gallery, Providence RI
                       Networks, Deedee Shattuck Gallery, Westport, MA.

2014              Annual Benefit, Dieu Donné, NYC
                       The Lost Museum, contributed to this exhibition by Mark Dion, Brown University


2013               PVD-TLA, Studio 1504 Abu Dhabi, curated by Maya Allison
                       Tayo Heuser, A Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico (three person)
                       Dieu Donne Annual Benefit, New York, NY
                       ArtMRKT Hamptons, Cade Tompkins Projects
                       Rhode Island Contemporary: Selections from the Art Collection of                   
                       Joseph A. Chazan, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI
                        Networks 2011-2012, Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI * catalogue
                       Natural Elements, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, NY, NY
                       Drawing Matters, Chazan Gallery, Providence, RI (three person)
                       Wheeler School Benefit, Providence, Rhode Island

2012              Chateau de Fernelmont Contemporary Art, Fernelmont, Belgium
                       Recollection: Reconnections, Newport Art Museum,Newport,RI 

                       Works on Paper, Cynthia Reeves-NewEngland, Hanover, New Hampshire
                       Eye to Eye, Phillips Collection, Washington DC
                       Hunters and Gatherers, Cade Tompkins Projects, Providence, RI
                       Habitat for Humanity Benefit, Wooly Mammouth Theatre, Washington DC
2011               Editions/Artist Book Fair, Cade Tompkins Editions, NY, 

                       Chateau de Fernelmont Contemporary Art, Fernelmont, Belgium

                       Dieu Donné Benefit, Dieu Donné Gallery, NY, NY   
                       Three, Chazan Gallery, Providence, RI                 
                       Select WPA 2011, curated by Vesela Sretenovic, Washington DC
                       Extravagant Drawing, Dorsky Gallery curated by Judith Tolnick, Long Island

                       City, N.Y.
                       Printed in Providence, Cade Tompkins Editions Projects, Providence, Rhode RI                                 
                       DesignApplause, 2011 Chicago Art Fair, April 30, 2011
                       Art on Campus Expo, Roger Williams University, Bristol RI

2010               Dieu Donné Benefit, Dieu Donné Gallery, NY, NY
                       Chateau de Fernelmont Contemporary Art, Fernelmont, Belgium       
                       Editions/Artists Book Fair, Cade Tompkins Editions, NY, NY                      
                       Fernelmont Contemporary Art, Chateau de Fernelmont, Fernelmont, Belgium
                       Next 2010: Invitational Exhibition of Emerging Art, Cade Tompkins Editions,

                       Chicago Illinois
                       Baltimore Print Fair, Cade Tompkins Editioons, Baltimore Museum of Art
                       Monumental, Cade Tompkins Projects, Providence, RI
2009               Pink is the New Black, Cade Tompkins Projects, Providence, RI

2008               Art from the HeART, Weatherspoon Museum, Greensboro, North Carolina

                       Tayo Heuser, Disnarda Pinelli, Reeves Contemporary, New York, N.Y.
                       La vie en rond, H29, Brussels, Belgium
2007              Trace Elements, Margarete Roeder Gallery, New York, N.Y.
                       Drawing Matters, Chazan Gallery, Providence, Rhode Island
                       NE NOW, Paper New England, Harford, Connecticut
2006              Webs. Loops and Skeins, Rhode Island School of Design Museum, 

                       Providence, RI

2005              Minimalism now, Mayer Gallery, Elvehejem Museum of Art, U. of Wisconsin,


2004              Abstration, Pure and Impure, Main Gallery, University of Rhode Island
                       Paintings and Drawings 1, Margarete Roeder Gallery, New York Cit
2003               Microwave 4,  Cristinerose/Josee Bienvenue Gallery , New York City 
                       Wall Projects, Margarete Roeder Gallery, New York City
                       Summer Group Show, Bernard Toale Gallery, Boston MA
                       Obsessive Patterns, Bell Gallery, Brown University, Providence, RI

2002              Making a Mark: Artists from the Boston Drawing Project, Danforth Museum

                       Framingham, MA
                       Multiples, Roger Williams University Gallery, Bristol, Rhode Island
                       Compulsion,Court House Center for the Arts,West Kingston, Rhode Island
2001               By Hand: Precision, and Repetition in Contemporary Drawing, University
                       Art Museum, California State University, Long Beach, Ca.  (catalogue)
                       Boston Drawing Project Inaugural Exhibition, Bernard Toale Gallery, Boston
                       Art Faculty Exhibition 3, Roger Williams University, Bristol, Rhode Island
2000-01         Art on Paper Weatherspoon Gallery, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
                      Pole Art Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, Ma.  (catalogue)

Selected Collections Public and Corporate (private collections upon request)
                        Weatherspoon Museum of Art, Greensboro, N.C.
                        The Phillips Collection, Washington D.C.
                        Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, Ca.
                        Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Providence, R.I.
                        American Embassy, Jeddha, Saudi Arabia
                        The Leeds Foundation, Philadelphia, Pa.
                        Werner Kramarsky Collection, New York, N.Y.
                        Yves Ullens Collection, Brussels Belgium
                        Dr. Chazan Collection, Providence R.I.                  
                        Blue Cross Blue Shield, Providence R.I.
                        Taiyo, Inc. New York, N.Y.
                        Sanyo Corporation, New York, N.Y.
                        The Hunt Collection, Pittsburg, Pa. 
                        Duke Energy, N.C.
                        Cooley LLP, Washington D.C.
                        Lerner Corporation, Washington D.C.
                        Progressive Insurance, Mayfield, Ohio
                        Fidelity Investments, Smithfield, RI and Providence, RI


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Teaching Experience
2008                 Visiting Artist, Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI
2000-17            Roger Williams University, Bristol, Rhode Island
                         Dept. of Fine Arts, Sculpture I, Sculpture II, Drawing I, Figure Drawing, Senior

                         Studio, Stone Carving, Inter Media, Senior Thesis

1999                 University of Connecticut, Stoors Ct.
                         Dept. of Fine Arts, 3Dimensional Design
                         Rhode Island School of Design
                         Dept. of Fine Arts, 3Dimensional Design, Stone and Wood Carving
2021                 Artists Association of Nantucket, Residency               

2017                 Woman’s Studio Workshop, Rosendale, N.Y

2012                 BAU Institute, Otranto Italy
2011                 Vermont Studio Center Fellowship
2010                 Louis Comfort Tiffany Award nominee
2009                 Professional Development grant Roger Williams University, R.I.
                         Travel to Japan to study papermaking
Curatorials and Lectures

2021                 Artist Talk, Jamestown Arts Center, Jamestown RI

2018                 Visiting critic Roger Williams, Visual Arts, University, Bristol RI

2016                 Rhode Island School of Design, visiting critic Sculpture Dept.
2013                 Brown University, History of Art and Architecture, visiting artist/critic
2012                 Visiting Artist, Front Range College, Boulder, Colorado
2011                 Panel Discussion Dorsky Gallery, “Drawing: More than a Verb”, Long Island

                         City, NY

2010                 Phillips Collection, Washington DC, guest lecturer

2009                 Phillips Collection, Washington DC, guest lecturer
2008-2009        Visiting artist, Roger Williams University, guest lecturer
2006                 Rhode Island School of Design Museum, guest lecturer
2005                 Cooper Union, NYC, visiting artist/critic
2004                 University of Rhode Island, guest lecturer
2003                 Chester College, New Hampshire, guest lecturer