Inside Art with Michael Rose - Jamestown Arts Center Presents a Spaced Out Exhibition

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Michael Rose, Art Contributor

One of the most striking works in the exhibition is Tayo Heuser’s Vespers. A collection of seven circular panels which reflect the seemingly infinite reverberations of a struck gong, the grouping appears to float beautifully. This piece is the product of both intense consideration and technical proficiency. In it Heuser used handmade Gofun, a Japanese paint created from oyster shells and fish gelatin. Tonally subtle, its surfaces are made up of soft blues, pale neutrals, and the occasional 24karat gold teardrop, inspired by the tear of a Madonna the artist found in a medieval manuscript.

Of the piece, Heuser says, “Much of the work I create has been linked to the earth and sky. This one in particular strives to cross the vast silent ether between us and the arched dome above us. Looking up into the sky I feel weightless, not only physically but also my thoughts are freed of burdens and join the echoed silence of infinite space.” When observing Vespers, visitors can expect to have a similarly peaceful and meditative experience.